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Posted by on Feb 4, 2016 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

To Settle or Not To Settle, That is The Question

It is often advised for people to not make decisions when they’re angry. This is because an emotionally charged person is often prone to lack of forethought and is more susceptible to making choices that may feel right for the moment but end up being damaging in the long run. This is true for just about every situation and it is certainly true for some personal injury cases.

Talking more specifically, some victims of personal injury who are without legal representation are sometimes approached by insurance companies with an offer of settlement so that the case need not proceed any further. The offer is usually substantial to the ordinary person and the temptation to get everything over and done with, without all the drama of legal action, can be great. But it would be wise to remember that these are the same insurance companies that count on your emotionally fragile and legally naïve state so that they may benefit from a payout that is far too low.

There are many fees that tend to be overlooked in a personal injury case. The initial settlement that you’re offered may be enough to cover medical expenses, for example, but there can be lasting emotional and mental side effects from the trauma. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), for example, can be just as debilitating and that requires therapy and sufficient medication to be treated. There may also be the lost wages that were a result of the days off from work that you had to miss in order to recover. And there’s also the matter of reparations from having had suffered in the first place.

There’s no monetary amount that could ever truly pay for the pain that an injury-sustaining accident caused but there is justice that can be awarded and there are ways in order to fight for it. You just need the right kind of help though the decision to seek it is ultimately up to you.

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