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Posted by on Jun 25, 2016 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

Pursuing An Improper Treatment Claim

Patients look up to doctors as persons of authority who will provide them with the best and most updated treatment. Medical professionals have completed years of education and training and even studied abroad to hone their expertise. According to the website of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC, serious health conditions get misdiagnosed and patients end up undergoing treatments they do not actually need. These could have adverse effects on the health of the patient and they end up with an injury or even die.

Improper treatment is a form of medical malpractice that is different from delayed or wrong diagnosis. This means that although the doctor has properly and promptly diagnosed patients, they may administer the wrong treatment. There are different ways that a doctor can be charged with improper treatment and they may include:

  • Using outdated medical procedures
  • Using unorthodox medical procedures
  • Administration of treatment that poses unnecessary risk
  • Utilization of dangerous pharmaceutical treatments
  • Dangerous pharmaceutical treatments

It is worth noting that not all improper treatment can be considered malpractice. Here are some examples:

A study revealed that many patients were told that they were HIV negative because the doctor ordered the wrong test. Two different HIV viruses have the same name and this causes the improper treatment of a patient.

Mental disorders are quite difficult to diagnose because they have similar symptoms with other mental disorders and psychiatrists miss the unique symptoms. Take the case of schizophrenia which can be improperly treated as depression. If the doctor gives the wrong medicine and therapy, it can lead to even more serious problems.

Improper treatment often results from misdiagnosis. This was the most common problem among outpatient facilities, according to the National Institute of Medicine.

Not all improper treatment can be medical malpractice. Some diseases are difficult to diagnose due to their rare nature or their symptoms resemble other diseases. Likewise, the medical field is limited by its resources. Aside from that, medical errors are the result of flaws in the system, doctor’s judgment, or simple human error. If this is the case, patients can hold the medical personnel liable for medical malpractice.

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