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Posted by on Mar 7, 2017 in Road Defects | 0 comments

The Dangers of Road Defects

Traffic accidents are some of the leading causes of traumatic injuries. Those who are not lucky end up sustaining brain trauma, neck fractures, and spinal cord injuries. But sometimes, the severity of the injuries does not matter, as even the lightest injury can result into medical bills, lost time at work, and other financial damages.

Car accidents occur mainly because of driver errors, but there are times where third party factors come into play, such as road defects. According to the website, those who have been hurt in accidents caused by road defects may take legal action and get compensation for the damages.

It is good to know that the law is on the side of the victims, but it doesn’t change the fact that there are negligent parties that result into road defects.

Negligent road designers
Sometimes, the very design of the road is the road defect, putting motorists at risk of traffic accidents. Some of the most common design defects include:

  • Absent or inadequate barriers, such as guardrails
  • Absent or inadequate shoulders
  • Absent or inadequate traffic lights and signs
  • Defective water drainage system
  • Improper grading of curves
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Overly narrow roads and lanes

Negligent maintenance providers
Even if there are no problems with the road design, there may still be defects caused by the lack of maintenance. These defects can be on the road itself or around the road.

  • Defects on the road
    • Dangerous debris, such as rocks
    • Faded yellow and white lines
    • Uncorrected road damages, like potholes
  • Defects around the road
    • Malfunctioning traffic lights
    • Lack of warnings, such as for construction sites ahead
    • Overgrown trees and plants
    • Traffic signs with low visibility

No matter how diligent motorists drive, they may be involved in traffic accidents because of these defects, and there is nobody to blame but the parties who are involved in the construction, design, and maintenance of the road.

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