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Posted by on Sep 26, 2015 in Dangerous Medical Products | 0 comments

Are There Really Dangerous Pharmaceuticals?

It can be difficult to imagine that there are, in fact, dangerous pharmaceuticals that are still on the market. After all, with all of these innovations and advancements in modern science and technology, these kinds of crises should be but a thing of the past, surely? There are tests and whatnot in order to prove that drugs and devices used for medical purposes are safe to be used for and on people, right? So how can there be dangerous pharmaceuticals?

The answer is usually carelessness or negligence, unfortunately, for even as people discover new things about science and the universe at large – the universal fact that humans will err, will make mistakes. The price of these mistakes can oft be the life and death of a person, as is the case when it involves dangerous pharmaceuticals.

As an example of dangerous pharmaceutical devices, according to this link, morcellators are meant to be used for laparoscopic surgeries meant to take out cancerous growth. Some women who have been under procedures involving morcellators (since they are for procedures involving the removal of a womb) have complained that they developed endometrial cancer when this device was used.

This is no simple matter as even drugs taken orally such as Risperdal, a drug meant to treat several mental illnesses, has had negative side effects that have drastically affected its supposed-to-be patients. At this webpage, it says that young boys are reported to have developed Gynecomastia after using the drug. Other potential side effects of the drug include diabetes, heart attacks, or increased thoughts of suicide.

You may be able to claim compensation that can help significantly with the devastating blow that the negative side effects are sure to give.

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